Hello! My name is Chantelle Beasley – owner and operator of Aradia Fitness Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Whyte Ave, Kingsway, and Leduc! My passion for pole fitness started in 2011, upon the deployment of my fiance – now husband, to Afghanistan. I wanted to try something new to pass the time, and pole fitness had me hooked! I am not a fan of the gym, or typical workout classes. Pole fitness finally didn’t feel like working out, and I didn’t make excuses to go to classes! Here I am, 5 years later with three studios under my belt! My confidence and self-esteem has improved, along with my core and upper body strength. I am thankful for my incredible team of instructors that help make Aradia what it is today! Everybody has their own strengths and talents, and we are so lucky to be able to provide our students with a plethora of experience and skills!

Other fun facts! I enjoy CrossFit and Circus Arts. I am quite the homebody with my husband and fur babies. I also study Social Work part time at Grant MacEwan University!


Studio Manager/Instructor

Morgan started pole in 2015. She wanted to try something out of her comfort zone to challenge her social anxiety. Pole has become a healing practice for her, and she loves to try all kinds of aerials. Outside of Aradia, Morgan is a full time student. In her spare time, she loves to relax with her two chihuahuas, read, and make more travel plans.

Morgan is also our studio manager! If you ever have any comments, questions, or concerns about the St.Albert studio, please feel free to contact her at


Administrative Assistant/Instructor


Asher is our Administrative Assistant, and also an Instructor with Aradia Fitness! You might get a chance to chat with her on the phone, or via e-mail!

Her passions are contortion, yoga, hoop, pole and anything that involves dancing! Her speciality is her Sexyflow classes where wearing heels and flows are the main focus.

Her favourite pole move is the satellite!



Paulina has been doing Pole and Hoop since October 2017.  In addition to those, she also teaches Flow, Strength & Flexibility classes and workshops. Her favourite pole trick is Quarterback, and her favourite hoop go-to is Amazon. Outside of pole, Paulina is likely eating food, watching videos about food, or spending tome with her two dogs (likely also enjoying food).



Amy started pole dancing about 4 years ago and she has been hooked on aerial arts ever since. A gifted napper, sorbet eater and cribbage enthusiast, when she’s not at the studio you can pretty much guarantee she’s engaging in one of the aforementioned activities. Amy enjoys training spin pole, lollipop and working on dance flow.  She also loves building pole/floor choreography in a variety of different styles. Her favorite pole moves are currently cupid, rainbow, and flatline scorpio and she holds the firm belief that the Beatles got it wrong – “All you need is pole” (which is a lot like love but BETTER).

You can visit Amy on Instagram at @amy_rae3. Private lessons with Amy are $45 per session. Choreography privates are $70 a session. This does not include the additional studio fees.



Meghan has been pole dancing since 2016 and has been in love with it ever since! Since being hired on with Aradia, she has taken the CPFA beginner pole certification course and is working on the requirements to become a Canadian certified pole instructor. Teaching pole has been an absolute joy for Meghan as she gets to share her passion within the pole community and beyond. Handstands and backbends are among some her favorite things to do in pole class! Outside of the aerialist life, she is studying at MacEwan University to become a registered nurse, and spends most of her free time camping and hiking!