Hello! My name is Chantelle Beasley – owner and operator of Aradia Fitness Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Whyte Ave, and Kingsway! My passion for pole fitness started in 2011, upon the deployment of my fiance – now husband, to Afghanistan. I wanted to try something new to pass the time, and pole fitness had me hooked! I am not a fan of the gym, or typical workout classes. Pole fitness finally didn’t feel like working out, and I didn’t make excuses to go to classes! Here I am, 5 years later with three studios under my belt! My confidence and self-esteem has improved, along with my core and upper body strength. I am thankful for my incredible team of instructors that help make Aradia what it is today! Everybody has their own strengths and talents, and we are so lucky to be able to provide our students with a plethora of experience and skills!

Other fun facts!
I enjoy CrossFit and Circus Arts. I am quite the homebody with my husband and fur babies. I also study Social Work part time at Grant MacEwan University!


Administrative Assistant/Instructor


Asher is our Administrative Assistant, and also an Instructor with Aradia Fitness! You might get a chance to chat with her on the phone, or via e-mail!

She has been Pole dancing since 2013. Her favourite trick is . She is a full-time Mommy to two beautiful children – who also enjoy pole dancing! Asher is preparing to compete in the CPFA 2017 Nationals – Exotic 2 Divison in June.

Lisa B


Lisa has been working at Aradia Fitness, teaching classes from Beginner to Advanced at our Kingsway location! She is very excited to be coming to the St. Albert studio.

Lisa also works as a carpenter, goes to school, and is trained in Aerial Yoga Fitness as well!

Josh V


Josh is an aspiring Nurse and University of Alberta biology student by day, avid pole dancer by night. When he is not at school or in the studio you may find him teaching swimming lessons or lifeguarding at Sherwood Park’s Kinsmen Leisure Centre, where he enjoys teaching children almost as much as he enjoys teaching pole. “My favorite thing about teaching pole is watching my students succeed at something that has challenged them” says Josh, “Pole has helped me overcome so many of my own personal and emotional challenges”. Josh hopes he is able to offer an inviting, fun and encouraging environment for anyone and everyone to take on a new challenge.

Josh Van Camp



“Kalie has been taking classes with Aradia since September 2013; she quickly fell in love with the sport and decided to share her passion with other women, just like her.  Kalie’s favorite thing about Pole Fitness is that it challenges her to do things she never thought were possible and it empowers her to be a stronger, more confident young woman.  Her favorite tricks are twisted grip handspring, brass monkey and superman.

When Kalie is not instructing Pole Fitness classes she is spending time with her son and working as a Project Supervisor for a land agency.   Kalie enjoys many other activities outside of Pole Fitness but she especially enjoys her time in the kitchen baking and cooking healthy meals, as well as living an active lifestyle.”



Asia has always loved fitness, and her love of movement led her to complete her degree in kinesiology and work as a personal trainer. She discovered pole fitness while looking for a new challenge after being at home with her two daughters for several years. She was instantly hooked because for the first time in a long time she felt her mojo come back! “Becoming a part of the pole fitness community in Edmonton began a change in me, and my outlook on life shifted completely from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can, and I will!’ ”. Teaching pole allows her the opportunity to share what she loves, and to challenge and empower others to discover their strength! Her favourite move is the side V.

When not on the pole, Asia is a stay at home mom to her two little girls, and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in psychology.



Elyse joined a pole class while living overseas in 2015 and has been absolutely hooked ever since! When she’s not on the pole, Elyse works with special needs children and teaches music classes for little ones. She’s passionate about healthy living and is looking forward to becoming a certified holistic nutritionist. Her favourite moves are Hood Ornament and Sleeping Beauty. Elyse is excited to bring her teaching skills and her love for health and fitness to Aradia.



Whitney first started her journey with Aradia in June 2014, and a year later she found herself in her first pole competition.  She enjoys working on strength tricks and anything to do with splits. When Whitney is not poling, she works for a telecommunications company as an area manager/dealer business manager. She also spends time training in circus arts, tai chi and relaxing at home with her four fur babies. Whitney strives to offer a positive, friendly and encouraging environment where students can develop their own pole journey and have fun while keeping fit.


Alyssa H


Alyssa started pole fitness as a way to change up her workout routine, and add some excitement to her everyday life. She currently is a Master’s student at the University of Alberta, and when she’s not on the pole, she’s working with archival documents at the UofA. Alyssa used to fence internationally before finding pole fitness, and holds her certification in both coaching and refereeing for fencing. Now she spends her time training for competitions and working on her flexibility. Her favourite move is the jade split and anything that challenges her strength.