Specialty Classes

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga 1 aerial yoga

Aerial yoga combines acrobatic arts with anti-gravity yoga! Using Cirque Du Soleil style silks suspended from the ceiling in a hammock form, you will find many physical benefits ranging from spinal decompression, pain relief, and finding better alignment in many current yoga poses. 

Please wear comfortable clothing – no shorts or tank tops! (In order refrain from silk burn).
Please no zippers on your clothing!

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early in order to set up your silk height

Belly Dancing


Come one, come all! Learn muscle control and fluidity while toning your core, improving your posture and flexibility, and gaining self esteem and confidence in this open level belly dance class! You will learn basic movements and isolations as well as proper posture and short combinations. Have fun and discover muscles you never knew you had!
Any level of previous dance and belly dance experience (including none) is allowed–basic movements will be explained, and extra layers and challenges will be given to those with previous experience.
Some stylization of movement may happen during combinations, but the core fundamental belly dance movements will be unchanged to facilitate exploration into any style of belly dance. Because this class is focused on the beginnings of belly dance movement, no choreography is taught.

Aerial Hoop



Learn the art of Aerial Hoop at Aradia Fitness! You must feel comfortable with inverting in this class. Pre-requisites include either Intermediate Pole level, or Intro to Aerial Hoop course. In this class you will learn hanging inversions, and static postures. Please wear tights, long pants, and a sleeved top.