Intermediate Spin & Sexyflow Workshop!


In this workshop we will work on combining spin pole & sexy flow into one flawless routine. We will explore some simple beautiful spins, dynamic floor work, and smooth transitions from static to spinning from the floor to air!

Students must be able to climb & sit on the pole. Heels required!
50% off for members! Email in for code!
KINGSWAY:  Friday September 29th @ 5:30pm
ST.ALBERT: Saturday September 25th @ 1pm

Beg/Intermediate Non-Pole Heels Workshop

We can do so many great things on the pole, but what happens when you put on those heels and you take that pole away? What about all the in-betweens to dance from one spot to another? How about learning just how to work your stuff in heels?


In this dance workshop with Wynterdollie, we will touch on many basic techniques such as how to move in heels, how to walk in heels, how to turn in heels, the beginning to finding your freestyle and of course a sassy routine to put it all together.


WHAT TO WEAR: Anything you feel comfortable in. Fitted items are best to see movement of your body and your technique.


Clothing Suggestions:

  • Legging / Fishnets / Knee High Socks
  • Bodysuit / Shorts / High waisted underwear
  • Tank Top / Sports Bra / Crop Top
  • NON-POLE HEELS / Heeled ankle boots / Heeled Knee High Boots
    • Heels worn must be secure on your foot  *No Pumps
    • Minimum 2” heels – Maximum 4” heels  *No Platform Pleasers
  • Knee Pads (We may or may not use knee pads but they are always good to have)

50% off for members! Email for code!


WHEN: St.Albert, Saturday October 7th @ 10am